5th International Cable-Supported Bridge Operators’ Conference
Held August 28-29, 2006

 "Advances in Cable-Supported Bridges" Edited by: Khaled M. Mahmoud
Copyright 2006 Taylor & Francis Group plc, London UK ISBN 0415419824

Table of Contents


1 Design, construction & operation


Stonecutters Bridge - designing for operations                                       3

M. Carter and N. Hussain


Second bridge over the Orinoco - design, construction and operation      21

K. J. Humpf


A construction solution for self anchored suspension bridges                  31

R. A. Lawrie and H. Huang


Mitigation and monitoring of cable vibrations for cable stayed bridges     39

D. M. Barrett


2 Inspection and maintenance


Forth Road Bridge - maintenance challenges                                        57

A. A. S. Andrew, and B. R. Colford


Inspection and monitoring of cable stayed structures - design, implementation & performance                                                           87

G. Hovhanessian and J. Stieb


Repainting of Seto-Ohashi Bridge for increase of durability                    97

K. Kawaguchi, Y. Nagao and T. Sugimoto


3 Instrumentation, testing and monitoring


Instrumentation and monitoring of critical structural elements unique to

suspension bridges                                                                          111

G. Hovhanessian and E. Laurent


Non-destructive testing of suspender ropes with magnetostriction          121

M. S. Higgins


Wire test results for three suspension bridge cables                            127

R. M. Mayrbaurl


4 Cable studies and planning


Planning and engineering for the future: capacity increase and cable

replacement at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge                                      145

J. Lorentzson, P. Nietzschmann, G. Fanjiang, and C. Gagnon


Bear Mountain Bridge cable reinforcement                                          163

W. J. Moreau, R. Dragan, and P. Sluszka


Planning and design of Jeokgeum Grand Bridge                                  175

S. Y. Park, M. J. Lee and J. H. Kim,


5 Rehabilitation and preventive techniques


Rehabilitation of the lower roadway of the Manhattan Bridge                 187

H. D. Perahia, J. Patel, H. Ahmed, and A. Razzaq


Forth Road Bridge - first internal inspection, strength evaluation, acoustic

monitoring and dehumidification of the main cables                             201

B. R. Colford, C. P. E. Cocksedge


Prevention of main cable corrosion by dehumidification                        215

M. L. Bloomstine and O. Sørensen


6 Wire rope and strand applications


Electromagnetic inspection of wire ropes - vertical lift bridges                231

D. R. Hall


Wire Rope and strand assemblies in bridge applications                      239

T.W. Klein


Epoxy coated & filled prestressing steel strand cables                         247

Y. Shinichi