2003 New York City Bridge Conference

Held October 20-21, 2003

"Recent Developments in Bridge Engineering"
Edited by: Khaled M. Mahmoud

Copyright 2003 Swets & Zeitlinger, Lisse, ISBN 90 5809 609 8

Table of Contents


1 Cable-supported bridges

The Millau cable-stayed bridge
M. Virlogeux

Wind effects on the existing and proposed Tacoma Narrows bridges
P.A. Irwin, S.T. Stoyanoff, J. Xie & M.A. Hunter

Effectiveness of fairings on a suspension bridge
H.R. Bosch & R. M. Guterres

Transient response simulation of a composite material footbridge to crossing pedestrians
P.J. Fanning, P. Archbold, Pavic & P. Reynolds

Simon Kenton suspension bridge deck replacement analysis
B.N. Robson & K.M. Mahmoud

2 Bridge analysis and design

Strength and ductility of tension flanges in girders
R.J. Dexter, & S.A. Altstadt

Innovation in movable bridges: sophisticated design and analysis with an eye on tradition
B. Briseghella, E. Siviero, T. Zordan, M. Pircher & M. Wallner

Hoan bridge brittle fracture and retrofit design
B. Sivakumar, E. Khoury, J.W. Fisher, W.J. Wright

3 Seismic analysis, design and retrofit

Liquefaction assessment methodologies for seismic bridge design and their application to New York City projects
S. Nikolaou, P. Deming, & P. Edinger

Seismic analysis and design approach for the new Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge
M.H. Jones, S. Treyger, P. Pence & S. Barakat

Comparative study of NCHRP Report 472 with the current AASHTO seismic specifications
M.A. Khan

Seismic retrofit design of large cable-supported bridges in Tokyo
Y. Fujino, M. Abe, H. Kikkawa, K. Namikawa & T. Mizoguchi

Seismic retrofit of bridge steel truss pier anchorage connections
M. Pollino and M. Bruneau

A simple procedure for evaluating seismic isolation in bridges
M. Jacak

4 Fatigue and brittle fracture

Failure analysis of the Hoan bridge fractures
W.J. Wright, J.W. Fisher & E.J. Kaufmann

Assessing remaining fatigue life of existing riveted steel bridges
Y.E. Zhou

Fracture analysis and retrofit design for the I-95 bridge over the Brandywine River
M.J. Chajes, D.R. Mertz, H. Roecker, J. Milius

5 Concrete segmental bridges

The role of construction methods on the conceptual design of a segmental prestressed RC bridge
M. Arici, M.F. Granata, S. Bullo & R. Di Marco

Durability of post-tensioned concrete bridges
R.W. Poston, & K.H. Frank

Corrosion evaluation of post-tensioned tendons on the Mid-Bay bridge in Destin, Florida
S.Venugopalan, W.H. Hartt, R.G. Powers

6 Bridge health monitoring and management

Long-term remote monitoring of prototype orthotropic deck panels on the Bronx Whitestone bridge for fatigue evaluation
R.J. Connor, S.O. Richards & J.W. Fisher

Sensing systems for bridges: an assessment of the state of the art
D. A. Grivas & M. Garlock

Structural health issues for FRP bridge decks
S. Alampalli, M. Ettouney, R. Gajer

Advances in bridge materials and structural health monitoring systems with case studies
A.E. Lewis, T.L. Weinmann & N.M. Telang

Probabilistic assessment of the subsurface condition of bridge decks using GPR
D.A. Grivas, H. Shin & J. Marckesano

Suspension bridge service life issues from an owner’s perspective
B.P. Silberfarb, J. Chang & L.R. Taylor

7 Advanced materials

High performance lightweight concrete bridges in Norway – a review
P. Fidjestol

Methacrylate thin bonded overlay system for orthotropic steel bridge decks
M. Olbrich

Diagnostic testing and in-service performance monitoring of a CFRP reinforced HPC bridge deck
M.M. Bowman, J.R. Yost, R.E. Steffen & C.H. Goodspeed

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