The Bridge Engineering Association organized the 10th New York City Bridge Conference along with a distinguished group of renowned bridge engineers from all over the world. Throughout August 26-27, 2019, bridge operators, designers, and academics from many countries presented state-of-the-art material, assuring an authoritative account of the developments in the field of bridge engineering. The conference proceedings are published in “Asset Management of Bridges.” Select papers are published in a special issue of the Journal of Bridge Structures, Vol. 12, Issues 2 & 3; September-December 2017.

The 2019 conference program highlighted the Bridge Engineering Association’s commitment to quality and to the promotion of state-of-the-art bridge engineering. We recognize that exchanging knowledge and expertise between bridge engineers from different countries is essential.

Khaled M. Mahmoud, PhD, PE
Chairman of Bridge Engineering Association (BEA)

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