Abstract Submission

This year’s conference theme is:
Risk-Based Bridge Engineering for Maintainability and Longevity.

  • Cable-Supported & Long Span Bridges,
  • Asset Management of Bridges,
  • Risk-Based Inspection,
  • Reliability-Based Analysis & Evaluation,
  • Seismic Analysis, Design & Retrofit,
  • Bridge Analysis & Design
  • Concrete Segmental Bridges,
  • Fatigue, Brittle Fracture & Stress Corrosion,
  • Design & Monitoring of Railway Bridges,
  • Bridge Instrumentation & Health Monitoring,
  • Bridge Inspection, Maintenance & Rehabilitation,
  • Innovative Bridge Technology,
  • Movable Bridges
  • Bridge Scour & Hydraulics,
  • Bridge Security,
  • Bridge History & Aesthetics.


FEBRUARY 27, 2023
Abstract Submission

MARCH 7, 2023
Notification of acceptance will be emailed to all corresponding authors.

APRIL 24, 2023
Full Paper Submission

2023 NYCBC Abstract Submission Form

Please submit your English narrative abstract, up to 300 words, by February 17, 2023. To ensure the technical quality of the conference program, each author will be responsible for the review of two papers.

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